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Publicado em:22 deOutubro de2020

Created in 2005, Fantaspoa is the pioneer Fantastic Film Festival in Brazil. With yearly editions since then, in 2021, its 17th edition will take place. The festival is the main fantastic film festival in Latin America, exhibiting the best in genre cinema, as well as having several events, such as Q&A’s, workshops, lectures, concerts, parties and art expositions. Fantaspoa is the only festival from South America member of the Méliès – European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation (EFFFF), the federation that brings together the 25 more relevant fantastic film festivals worldwide. Also, on 2018, it was listed on the MovieMaker's 30 Bloody Best Genre Fests in the World.
The seventeenth edition of Fantaspoa will be held online on 10 days to be defined of the first semester of 2021.
We invite the filmmakers that work with fantastic cinema to submit their works on www.filmfreeway.com/fantaspoa


1 – The seventeenth edition of the FANTASPOA - INTERNATIONAL FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL OF PORTO ALEGRE will be held online (regionally blocked to Brazil) on 10 days to be defined during  the first semester of 2021.

2 – The primary goal of Fantaspoa is to provide opportunities for the exhibition and appreciation of films, rewarding their quality. The Festival aims at: 
a) Creating a multimedia cultural forum in the city of Porto Alegre. 
b) Promoting the Brazilian Cinema and encouraging the film production in Brazil.

3 - The Festival Committee will only consider for its main competition only fantastic films (horror, bizarre, thriller, science-fiction and fantasy).

4 – Eligibility Requirements for the feature film and short film competition (jury and audience award): 
- Running time for all feature films must be 60 minutes or more; 
- Running time for all shorts must be less than 30 minutes; 
- Film submissions in a foreign language must be subtitled or spoken in English or Spanish; 
- The films shall be a premiere on the city of Porto Alegre; 
- All submitted films must have been completed after January, 1st, 2018, and must have DVD, DVD Blu-Ray OR ProRes File as their screening format; exceptions to that case must be arranged in advance between the producer/director/distributor of the films and the organization committee of the festival.

5 – To submit a film to selection by the Festival Organizing Committee you must send an online screener, exclusively through Filmfreeway, before January, 31st.

6 – The postage cost is paid by the sender, as well as any tax or customs fees that may result from it. The festival is not responsible for taxes that may outcome from the postage.

7 – There's no limitation to the number of films a company/filmmaker might submit. No entry fee will be reimbursed, even if the film does not comply to the requisites of item 4 of this regulation.

8 – The festival does not pay screening fees.

9 – Films are scheduled at the discretion of Fantaspoa. The organization committee of the festival reserves the right to select the films to be exhibited, as well as determine in which section it will be exhibited.

10 – The Festival Committee will select the jury members of every section. Members cannot be those related or with special interest in the production and/or exploitation of the films in the competition.


12 – All commercial/private property including all trademark/copyrighted images and songs shown or recorded on the project is the responsibility of the filmmaker. By submitting its entry, the filmmaker states that he/she is responsible as an agent to promote the film and that the film is an original work.

13 – The filmmakers agree that clips and images from their film may be used on the promotional material of the festival.

14 – There is no need to fill entry forms. The submission of your film to the festival implies that you accept the conditions of the festival regulation.


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As obras audiovisuais foram classificadas indicativamente pela organização do XIX Fantaspoa, nos termos da Portaria nº 3.203, de 8 de outubro de 2010, expedida pelo Ministério da Justiça.